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Conflict – Peace – Democracy Cluster

Following the relocation of the Conflict - Peace - Democracy Cluster (CPDC) to the University of Graz in early 2016, it has been striving to make peace and conflict research visible and networked not only Graz, but also Austria-wide and internationally. Peace and conflict research deals with violence and violent conflicts in the broadest sense. It seeks to describe strategies to overcome these violent formations in the short, medium and long term. The different forms and shapes of violence and conflict require interdisciplinary approaches of peace and conflict research. They draw from disciplines such as law, political science, international relations, social sciences, philosophy, psychology, cultural studies, anthropology and many others. Within the framework of the CPDC, the University of Graz cooperates nationally with the Austrian Center for Peace at Schlaining Castle, the Democracy Center Vienna and the Institute for Conflict Research. In addition, the Kelman Institute for Integrative Conflict Transformation is an important cooperation partner. Internationally, the university works together with a network of researchers that meets regularly at academic conferences at Harvard University. 

Based on science, theory and practice, CPDC seeks to make contributions to a more peaceful society free of violence and discrimination in a comprehensive sense in and outside of Austria and, in general, to increase the visibility of its goals and activities. CPDC is engaged in those areas through research, teaching and training as well as the practical implementation of research results on an international level. The cluster's activities are primarily oriented towards regions and topics that are of particular relevance to Austria and the EU. The cluster partners contribute their specific scientific, social and practical competences and experiences to this cooperation.

Steering Group

  • Ass.-Prof. DDr. Jürgen Pirker und Ass.-Prof. Dr. Benedikt Harzl, MA (University of Graz)
  • Mag.a Gertraud Diendorfer und Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange (Democracy Center Vienna)
  • Dr.in Birgitt Haller (Institute of Conflict Research)
  • Mag. Moritz Ehrmann (Austrian Centre for Peace)

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